This 2021 we celebrate 40 years since we began as a nature school for teachers in Llombregueres de Baix (Sant Andreu de La Vola, Barcelona, SPAIN). To put images to these four special decades, we have prepared a musical journey in a video format.

Through music, and in a very conceptual way, we highlight the importance of the 40 years we have spent in the culture of sustainability and in the transformation of people, turning them into the true protagonists of a more committed society.

Drawing a parallelism with a band of musicians, we remember our beginnings as pioneers in the commitment to environmental education. We explain how we have grown little by little, raising public awareness, and offering solutions that allow a transition towards a model of sustainable development.

The illustrations, made by the artist Olga Capdevila, show us the long road we have traveled, and leave the doors open to everything left yet to travel. The piece of music, made especially for this video, turns these 40 years into a journey in which very diverse voices are added, growing as the company has also grown – expanding services from education, communication, and consulting.

The launching of this video is prepared for the World Environment Day, a date that is also very significant for our company and the values ​​it represents. We want you to feel it yours too.