2021 is a special year for us. We celebrate our 40-year anniversary since we started as a nature school for teachers in Llombregueres de Baix, in Sant Andreu de la Lavola (100 km north of Barcelona). Four decades where we have grown, expanding our scope, our services and our team, until becoming Anthesis Lavola. There are few companies in this country and in the sustainability sector that can say they have a trajectory as long as ours. And we feel very proud to be able to celebrate this both internally and externally.

We want to show that we are celebrating. For this reason, along this year, we will remember outstanding facts and highlighted projects born out of our activity; some moments when we anticipated what the situation required, and others when we had to adapt to changes and challenges that arose in the areas of the environment and sustainability.

But we also want everyone who works in Anthesis Lavola to know the history of the company, the milestones achieved, and the most essential aspects. And mostly, we want everyone to know the anecdotes that make us more than just a team of workers.

First as Lavola and now as Anthesis Lavola, we have contributed to the evolution of sustainability in Catalonia, being a pioneer agent of change. We have fostered public awareness and provided solutions that enable the transition to a model of sustainable development.

And we can still do this today thanks to our clients and suppliers, who have been by our side during all these years – and still are to this day. Be them historical or recent, we want all of our clients to see us as a referent and we hope that they still want to count on us for bringing sustainability further and turn it into the centre of our society. Because if we want to have a future, it needs to be a sustainable one.

As Pere Pous, president and co-founder of Lavola, says in this video, we celebrate our 40-year anniversary as it should be, remembering projects that have made us pioneers and the people who have made it – and still make it – possible to this day. Stay tuned to our social media to find out what we will be doing this year.