Since last December, Anthesis Lavola has been managing Salburua’s Wetlands Interpretation Centre’s customer and environmental education services, called Ataria. This is a municipal equipment handled by Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Council’s Centre of Environmental Studies (CEA) in the Basque Country.

Ataria is the door gate to Salburua’s Parc, a natural environment formed by four lagoons that create a unique landscape where one can contemplate and study its biodiversity. Ataria’s goals are to improve the wetlands popularity, share their values, and highlight the importance of today’s biodiversity and natural patrimony that this wetlands habitat represents. Ataria stands for a historical interpretation centre in Vitoria, capital of one of the three provinces in Euskadi.

Anthesis Lavola’s team is responsible for customer services, welcoming and informing those who visit the Centre, as for direct assistance, access control, and environmental interpretation services. These services also explore administrative, operative, logistic, vigilance, distribution, and support services in different functional aspects of the Centre.

Our team also manages the environmental educational services, including school activities inside the programme ‘Green Summer Camp’ and CEA’s ‘Open Programme’ (Programa Abierto). These educational activities taking place in Ataria share one common goal: to promote the existence and preservation of Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Green Belt biodiversity, and particularly Salburua’s wetlands. At the same time, it encourages citizenship participation in all kinds of activities aiming to create a greater implication on the Parc’s biodiversity preservation and administration. These educational and communicative activities take place in different spaces owned by the same Salburua’s Wetlands Interpretation Centre.

Apart from managing these services, we are going to work together with the CEA in the revision and creation of new activities intended to families in their leisure time, as we consider this strategic space one where we can learn and reflect while we are also having fun. Anthesis Lavola will provide, with its experience in the creation of activities among common goals and achievements for all kinds of public, the centre of Salburua-Ataria, with new and innovative methodologies.

Being part of Ataria means a lot to us. The centre, with a significant historical interpretation in environmental education, suppose a great opportunity for us to consolidate educational sustainability teams in the northern part of Spain.