Diagnosis as a Starting Point for Zero-Emissions Strategic Plan (Net Zero)


Article by Verdiana Russo, Energy Project Manager.

Every day more and more companies can proudly boast about having a steady and ambitious compromise with the environment while boosting sustainability strategies with one main goal: reaching zero carbon emissions (Net Zero).

Avoiding emissions through the reduction of energy demand, reducing consumption through energy efficiency, and using renewable energies are key factors when it comes to achieving the above-mentioned goals. At Anthesis Lavola, we work on these key areas to lead our way towards Net Zero, and a starting point is energy audit.

Energy audit beyond the regulatory requirement

As we explained in our previous article regarding energy audit, the Royal Decree 56/2016 binds big companies to make an energy audit every four years that covers at least an 85% of the total energy consumption of all its facilities.

This Decree’s goals are clearly linked with the compromises that European countries have made to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

However, this requirement only asks to report on energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and the opportunity for energy improvement of the audited buildings. No compromise is required to execute the actions proposed in the energy audit. So, why should companies go further than that?

Let’s talk about a real case

In the last few months, our Energy team has been working on the energy audits of 30 sport centers throughout the Spanish territory, to comply with the Royal Decree 56/2016.

These are the most remarkable results:

  • 9% saving in final energy, 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, and 11% diminution of energy costs compared to last year, thanks to the optimization of energy billing and energy efficiency measures.
  • Electricity billing optimization, together with an improvement in the conditions of energy contracts, allows for a 4% of global saving, using last year as a reference.

  • 4 years average payback period, with minimums inferiors to one year and a maximum of 10 years
  • All the proposals allow for an economic saving of about 150.000€ per year, a final energy saving of 1,1 GWh per year, and an emission saving of 340 tCO2 per year.
  • Contracted powers higher than necessary have been detected in 80% of the cases.
  • Unfulfilled rights of bonification have been detected in 50% of the cases of energy supplies.
  • Priority improvement actions have been identified and linked to saving and payback period: sensors in lighting systems, change of lighting to LED technology, free cooling solutions in ventilation systems, installation of monitoring systems, and improvement in Energy Management Systems (EMS) installed in the sports centers, among others.
  • Possible energy saving and generation of renewable energy (photovoltaic and solar thermal) for centers with favourable characteristics have been estimated.
  • A comparative analysis of all centres with key performance indicators (KPI) has been elaborated.

What can a company do after this diagnosis?

A lot.

  • Develop an action plan with investments and goals with energy, economic, and emission savings over the time.
  • Define sustainability indicators to apply for sustainable financing.
  • Keep track of consumption in an Energy Management System (EMS), with the option to certify the company according to ISO 50001.
  • Keep track of the inside air quality and solve problems related to users’ health.
  • Carry out a global corporate analysis of CO2 emissions, participating in the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative with the commitment to define science-based emission reduction targets.
  • Benefit from the use of clean energy through an agreement to purchase renewable energy (PPA, Power Purchase Agreement)
  • Define a zero-emissions strategic plan (Net Zero)
  • Define a corporate sustainability strategy with Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects (ESG).

At Anthesis Lavola we offer support services in all these areas. If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact our expert Cristina Bayés.

At Anthesis, we activate sustainability.

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