New Sustainability Report 2019 presents the company’s main sustainability aims and advances

Coca-Cola (Spain) has presented its new Sustainability Report 2019, containing advancements in its strategy This is forward, that since 2017 has been leading the company’s acts related to packages, drinks, and chain supply, among other important issues for its business, where ambitious goals at the European level have been defined.

This report places great value on the actions carried out by the company this last year and gives voice to stakeholders of the leading sustainability achievements. For its elaboration, Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Iberia have received the support of Anthesis Lavola.

Report’s design makes its contents more understandable and highlights major actions.

Our Corporate Sustainability team has been selected for the preparation of the report’s content. For its realization, our team has recollected information, proofread and structured all of its contents, and drafted its final version in Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition, our Communications team has been commissioned to compile the report’s design and its layout in both Spanish and Portuguese, while also creating an infographic executive design focused on making its contents more understandable and visually outlining its major actions.