The document provides city councils with bases to elaborate contingency plans against COVID-19 and other diseases

Public Health Services from the Area of Citizenship, Welfare, and Social Cohesion from the Barcelona Provincial Council have worked with province councils to create a handbook that sets the bases to elaborate their own contingency plans to deal with health crises. The goal is to prepare councils for future crises – such as the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

The result of all this work is the document “Bases for the municipal public health services to elaborate contingency plans to combat COVID-19” presented on the 8th of October in a session with more than 130 assistants from different municipalities.

This document is a product of the exceptional situation we have been in, which has demonstrated the need for global answers, as well as local work and management.  Moreover, health prevention and protection have become of obvious importance, acting as key pillars for our social wellbeing and progress.

Our municipalities have had to manage this crisis, therefore becoming a key part of looking after the maintenance and reinforcement of citizenship basic services.

The elaboration of this document has directly benefited from the lessons our municipalities learned in this exceptional time.

Barcelona Provincial Council has benefited from Anthesis Lavola expertise to develop all this thinking progress together with city councils, to write this document, and, hereon, enhance our services of counseling and support to municipalities. Various participation actions and virtual debates helped in the process of drafting this document, together with the knowledge our municipalities acquired in these exceptional times.

Such participation actions include a survey answered by 130 public health professional workers, around twenty interviews with various councils to get to know their relevant experiences in detail, and five work sessions, attended by 20 and 40 people. This has allowed us to deal with various topics such as prevention and security in equipment and facilities, as well as emergency operations, coordination, and data availability.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired in projects related to health in urban areas, our Green City and Biodiversity team have been commissioned to dynamize these working sessions and write this handbook.