SER (Supplier Engagement Rating) score is an indicator of the climate action of companies with their suppliers. Cellnex and CaixaBank, advised by Anthesis Lavola CO2 Management team, are among the 160 organizations with the highest score, along with four other Spanish companies.

These 160 correspond to 3% of all those evaluated (4,800), which can be seen on the CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard. To be included in this list, companies must manage their Scope 3 emissions  which are the indirect emissions resulting from their own corporate activity but occur at sources that are not owned or controlled by the company.

SER score is awarded by CDP, a non-profit organization that manages the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions on their environmental impact.

The companies on the CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard represent the top 3% of SER scores

This score depends on CDP Climate Change questionnaire, where organizations report on actions taken to manage the risks and opportunities of climate change, the integration of climate change into their business strategy and their emissions reduction targets, among many others.

Some of the aspects that affect this score are: providing economic incentives to workers, setting a Scope 3 emissions reduction target, calculating and reporting Scope 3 emissions and carrying out collaborative activities with suppliers.

Any organization interested in this leading initiative on climate change and in improving their positioning can contact M. Rosa Pascual.