The Company Travel Plan (PDE) is a global strategy to optimise the mobility of workers, favouring the use of alternative modes of transport to the private vehicle and rationalising the use of the car, both in the mobility of access to the workplace and on mission.

Lavola already designed its first internal mobility strategy in 2007. Recently, this Company Travel Plan has been revised, updated and processed for the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) of the Barcelona Area. For this reason, it has obtained the stamp of the PDEs issued by the ATM, with this stamp being the recognition of the companies that have incorporated sustainable mobility in their entire organisation.

As in many other areas, Lavola implements and promotes “cosustainability” also in relation to sustainable mobility within the framework of organisations. Lavola has given technical assistance and has the experience in the development of more than 30 Company Travel Plans to organisations of all kinds, totalling more than 15,000 employees.

At Lavola we can help you design the mobility strategy of your organisation and also in obtaining the seal of the PDE.