Celsia reinforces its commitment to sustainability

Celsia continues to consolidate its commitment to sustainability, seeking a balance between economic profitability, social inclusion and respect for the environment. With the objective of leading sustainability initiatives in the Latin American energy sector, Celsia remains concerned about the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and the availability of natural resources.

Celsia, an energy company of the Argos Group, has a presence in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and, recently, in Honduras, and is a leader in non-conventional renewable energies for companies, homes and cities.

The CO2 Management and Circular Economy teams have calculated the carbon footprint and the water footprint for the year 2018

Supporting the company for the second consecutive year, the CO2 Management team has accompanied Celsia in the calculation of the carbon footprint of 2018. In this way, it strengthens this management tool to achieve the reduction of its emissions by 25% in the year 2025, compared to 2015.

The Circular Economy team, meanwhile, has prepared the water footprint of 2018, in order to analyse the volume of fresh water consumed, evaporated or contaminated associated with the processes of the organisation. In addition, the company’s water sustainability strategy has been jointly evaluated.

It is very important to continue consolidating the collaboration with leading companies in sustainability, such as Celsia, by providing solutions to address the main environmental, social and economic challenges of our society.