The new hotel at PortAventura World, Colorado Creek, will be the first to offset its gas emissions that cause climate change. This hotel, the sixth of the resort, will open next June as a carbon-neutral establishment thanks to the service of Clean CO2 at Lavola.

Compensation for Colorado Creek Hotel’s emissions is part of PortAventura World’s strategic sustainability plan, directly involved with Sustainable Development Goal number 13, Climate Action. In addition to offsetting its emissions, PortAventura has applied other measures to reduce the environmental impact of this new hotel. Thus, among other actions that have been carried out, all the electricity in the resort comes from a renewable energy source.

The Colorado Creek Hotel helps supply drinking water in Malawi with the compensation of the emissions it generates

Clean CO2 is a tool of Lavola through which the carbon emissions of any company, service, activity or product are calculated and the associated emissions are compensated. With the Clean CO2 certification that is obtained, PortAventura World will offset the emissions with the purchase of VER credits (Verified Emission Reductions) in projects for the improvement of the environment and the social environment.

In the case of the Colorado Creek hotel, PortAventura World will contribute to the Malawi Borehole Project, through which wells are being rehabilitated in local communities in Malawi. The objective is to provide drinking water to 450,000 people since almost half of the rural population lives without access to it and currently, they ensure the sanitation only by boiling water.

The development of this project contributes to a reduction of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 each year by avoiding the burning of wood for water sanitation, reduces diseases by reducing the amount of pollutants inside homes and the removal of potentially lethal contaminants and bacteria of contaminated water, and provides workplaces, among others.

The final goal of PortAventura World is that the rest of the resort’s establishments will also be carbon neutral in the future, decreasing their carbon footprint and showing their commitment to move towards a better world and, particularly, in the fight against climate change.