For the second year in a row, the Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC) makes the webshop Clean CO2 available to all attendees.

This is a technological tool committed to sustainability that, voluntarily, allows calculating and compensating the emissions produced by the attendance to the congress in Barcelona.

In order to compensate the carbon footprint that each visitor produces with their travels, the congress sends each assistant the link to a file where they ask for information on personal data, transport used and place of origin. Automatically, the environmental impact is calculated, and attendees can compensate the tons of CO2 generated through projects that favour the mitigation of climate change.

MWC 2019 proposes four projects that, in addition to reducing emissions, have a strong social component in the communities where they are developed. These projects improve the quality of local life by investing in infrastructure, health and education, as well as increasing the supply of work in the area. Two of the projects are in Turkey (Darica, a hydroelectric power project, and Düzova, a wind energy project), another in China (Quinghai Delingha Xiehe, a solar energy project), and the fourth in Malawi (Borehole, a water sanitation project).

As a guarantee of the action taken, attendees who compensate for their displacement at MWC 2019 will receive the CleanCO2 certificate that certifies the neutrality of their carbon footprint.