The joint venture establishes itself as one of the main consultancy companies specialised in sustainability

Pere Pous, Founder and President of Lavola added “with this merger, Lavola strengthens its portfolio of services, and will be able to respond to international projects of great magnitude. Participation in the new group will provide expertise, tools, methodologies, knowledge and innovation, and will enable Lavola to access an international market. Likewise, Anthesis will expand into Spain, Andorra and Colombia“.

The management of the company is pleased about “the scope of the agreement as it reinforces the international aspirations of the company” as new perspectives will open up for those professionals who want to develop a career with greater scope because “they will be able to participate in global projects worldwide” Pere Pous said.

Commenting on the merger, Stuart McLachlan, Anthesis Group’s CEO said, “Anthesis is well set to become the world’s leading sustainability specialist and this is clearly an important milestone on the Anthesis journey. We are excited to have found Lavola, a firm that reflects so many of the values and specialisms of Anthesis, based in a market that is increasingly progressive and important in Europe and South America. We see many opportunities to travel Lavola’s expertise to our clients and markets around the world, and to further strengthen their position in their domestic and international markets. We are delighted that Lavola have chosen to join us and we are thrilled to welcome our new colleagues to the Anthesis Group.”

Two companies, one soul

Lavola and Anthesis have followed similar paths. Both companies share the aspirations and model of shared governance.

Lavola 1981 SA is a company specialising in sustainability, which has distinguished itself for seeking alliances with organisations, companies and people committed to making a more sustainable world and accompanying them in their transformation. With a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 people, from its head offices in Barcelona, Manlleu, Bogota and Andorra, Lavola provides solutions that seek to respond to the diverse needs within the spheres of environmental education, consultancy and communication with experience in different sectors, both public and private.

Anthesis, in turn, founded in 2013 (with more than 250 experts across 11 countries), is specialised in the development of financially-focused sustainability strategies endorsed by the technical experience and involvement of innovative teams from all across the globe. Anthesis is proud to be a business majority owned by its employees and many of the Lavola team will also become employee shareholders.  At present, Anthesis has turnover of approximately 20 million Euro, twice that of Lavola, which closed 2018 with a 10 million turnover.

As the third M&A agreement for Anthesis this year, succeeding the acquisition of GoodBrand and the MADE-BY assets, this announcement further supports Anthesis Group’s strong growth ambitions for the next phase of its development.

The joint venture is a scale-up. An opportunity to have a greater impact and to implement a business mission focused on sustainability and the development of an economy that guarantees the future of the planet, reduces the causes of climate change and avoids the social and economic consequences stemming from this.

At the picture: Toni Mansilla, Lavola CEO, Stuart McLachlan, Anthesis Group CEO and Pere Pous,  Lavola President.