Currently, there is a tendency in society and in companies towards a greater commitment in favor of sustainable development. Celsia, an energy company within the Argos Group, with a presence in Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, is aware that its activities can have an impact on resources, mainly water.

With the aim of setting a trend in the industry and leading the process to minimise its impacts, Celsia has made the decision to carry out the calculation of the water footprint in Colombia and Central America, and to establish a water sustainability strategy.

The water footprint analyses the volume of fresh, consumed, evaporated, or contaminated water associated with a product, process, or organisation, while the water sustainability strategy analyses the relationship of the company with water availability, quality, and access. Through these two actions, Celsia seeks to improve water management and capture the actions taken by the company for the responsible use of freshwater resources.

In addition, the company is also aware of the fight against climate change and, for this reason, wants to carry out the calculation of the carbon footprint in Colombia and Central America for the sixth consecutive year. In this way, Celsia wants to know the impact that its activity causes on climate change and identify potential points of improvement in its processes.

To help Celsia in this process, Lavola contributes its experience and knowledge in the calculation of the water and carbon footprints. If you would like more information, these pages show the climate change and water footprint services.