EnergyMetre: An App to optimise energy efficiency in buildings

Lavola has designed and developed the EnergyMetre App. The application is a prototype aiming to enhance energy efficiency in buildings through user’s behaviour to save energy. This app sits as an interface between the user and the building. Based on the characteristics of the building and the user’s energy demand, the App gathers data aiming at maximising energy efficiency, with a particular interest in the consumer’s energy patterns. This tool is able to identify potential energy savings – as well as investment options of greater impact- based mainly in modified consumer patterns in office, residential or refurbished buildings based on conventional or NZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) parameters. Therefore, EnergyMetre App is an interactive system encouraging the continuous relationship between the users and the building following a smart two-way communication able to optimize patterns of energy demand to save energy.

This initiative is innovative compared to how energy efficiency has been addressed traditionally at building level. As a result, it is not common to find smart systems that interact with, and guide users through a tailored and proactive approach.

This project is aligned with the Kyoto agreements, the European directive on energy efficiency in buildings as well as with some of the proposals of the Horizon 2020 Energy program, claiming that an adequate user’s behaviour can reduce energy consumption by 20%.