Four new projects to promote the circular economy in Catalonia

The Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC), in its commitment to promote the circular economy, has a call to finance projects that help companies and organizations to make the transition to this new economic model. Recently, the ARC has published the list of projects that will receive funding. Lavola participates as a partner in two of them and, in addition, supports two more.

The two projects where you act as a partner are related to the vineyards and the water industry. The first aims to close the cycle of the vineyards in situ, reincorporating the ashes of the biomass boilers where the pruning remains of the vine are burned and integrating them to the life cycle of the vineyards.

The objective of the water industry project is to promote the industrial symbiosis among the partners of the Catalan Water Partnership in order to maintain the value of the resources. As examples of possible synergies, it will be analyzed that the materials and the residual heat of some companies can be exploited by others, thus reducing both the extraction of resources and the generation of unused waste.

Regarding the projects where support is given, the first is coordinated by Xarxa Ambiental and proposes to verify the viability of the collection of domestic vegetable oils, so that they can have a new life. The other project is coordinated by TT Ambiental and will analyze the feasibility of taking advantage of the plastic waste generated at the end of the useful life of the plastic containers for the elaboration of new products. These new projects are added to those already promoted in the first call for aid from the ARC and are in the final phase.